How exactly did we get here?! Here’s our story in a nutshell.

Kyle and I met two and a half years ago on his birthday at a mutual friend’s graduation party. We both showed up embarrassingly late to this little get together (at which he knew everyone and I knew no one) and soon afterwards I was “peer pressured” into accompanying all of them to their next stop…the hospital. To visit a brand new born baby. Like, two hours old newborn. Kyle ushered me to his car (which was two days older than the baby) so he could be my driver to the hospital. After visiting the baby he asked if I could help him throw a party he had planned five days from then. And friends, a very strange relationship was born. He “played disinterested” as he puts it, “disorganized” as I put it 😉 and I just tried to be helpful with this party. I had all the skills he didn’t have, and vise versa.

Two weeks later I knew I wanted to marry him because he annoyed the crap out of me, and yet I still wanted him around. That was a brand new experience for me.

Three months later we started dating. That was September. The next April he asked me to marry him *flutter flutter* and I said yes.

On the stage at the ballet theatre in town. Legitimately original. Mad props.

On the stage at the ballet theatre in town. Legitimately original. Mad props.

We got married that October on a miserably rainy day on which my aunt was a freaking rock star pulling everything together, the string of my great-grandmothers pearls snapped and little pearls went all over the hardwood floor periodically throughout the ceremony (she’d passed away right after we got engaged…my family decided that was just her way of participating in the day), I literally danced my dress to pieces–the parts that came off are still sitting in my mom’s garage, my daddy made me teary, and we had a positively lovely time. Honeymooned on Vancouver Island (much nicer than I thought it’d be, being a sun and sand girl myself), then right back to life.

Our first year of marriage was full of as many ups and downs as we could pack into it, but through all of it we learned so much about ourselves individually and as a couple, we wouldn’t have changed a thing. Some highlights:
– We went to New York for Christmas. That was absolutely fabulous. Ran into some friends there, had an exceptionally good time, can’t wait to go back.
– We went to southern California and I introduced my redheaded husband to the SUN! Great wine tasting down there.
– We bought a house! Some people say you shouldn’t do that in your first year of marriage. They’re probably right. But we did it anyway.
– Drum roll please…we got pregnant! No, it wasn’t planned. Goodness grief yes, we’re SO excited!

And so it begins. We invite you to join us on our journey from renters to homeowners to parents!! We have so much to learn and grow in, there’ll be plenty to keep up with  : )


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