Basement Unit Tour: Before

Now that we’ve shown you the main floor, where we’ll be living, let’s check out the basement unit I mentioned way back when. This is the area we’ll be renting out while we live here. It’s the same square footage as the main floor (832) and it also has two bedrooms and one bathroom. So it’s a pretty decent size!

Please don’t mind the mess too much, I’d forgotten to take these before grabbing this project by the horns  🙂  I give you…the living room!

b living room

And the kitchen:

b kitchen

The bathroom…yes, the toilet has its own pedestal, and the fan isn’t really attached to the ceiling so much as just thinking about it:

b bathroom 1

b bathroom 3

One bedroom:

b bedroom 1

The other bedroom:

b bedroom 2

And the laundry closet (because we like to keep things exciting around here):

Now, I’m sure you’re seeing as clearly as we did some of the “rough around the edges” bits to this place, but for the most part it looked pretty good to us. We thought we’d clean a few things up, slap on a coat of paint, and call it good.


The week after we closed I spent about forty hours down there putting three layers of paint on the trim, two layers on the walls and ceiling, and instigating a spider genocide for which I am not remorseful.

And as it turns out, that nasty old musty smell that the unit originally had was thanks to the fact that whoever lived there before had clearly smoked. Inside. The bottoms of the cabinets, the bathroom fan, and the windows were all caked in a thick layer of tobacco goo. The smell has definitely improved since sealing in the walls with a good primer and paint and cleaning everything!

Can’t wait to post the after pictures!


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