House Tour: Before

Now for a quick tour of that lovely little thing we purchased. Please don’t get your panties in a wad about the quality of my pictures, I literally took them with my iPhone. Brilliant little invention that is. Welcome to our house!

See! I told you there was a house behind the bush! This is the front entrance. See those two sets of house numbers (the set to the right of the door and the set on the left support)? And how they don’t match? That’s totally my fave. Perfectly complemented by the absent porch light fixture. And the security door.

front door

The view of the living room when you walk in the front door. This is probably the best view we have of the shape the living room floors were in…see right before the doorway to the left, where it’s grey? These floors were so worn down.

living room 1

This is the opposite corner of the living room, to the right of the front door.

photo 3

The door that’s open goes to the hallway. Guess they weren’t really into flow in 1940? The door that’s closed is a good-sized closet, and the only one that’s not in a bedroom, so it’d better be ready to do some serious multi-tasking. Don’t you love the door handles that *don’t exist*?

hall door

And this is going into the kitchen, straight through from the front door. Check out that arch!! I absolutely fell in love with it. How ’bout that linoleum, eh? This is also a pretty good shot to show some of the torture the millwork has endured. Big paint chips out everywhere, and really really dirty.

into kitchen

This is the original existing bank of cabinets. Honestly, considering the shape that the rest of the house is in, and the fact that these cabinets older than my grandparents, they’re actually alright. The countertops and backsplash are fairly new, but there are some cabinet doors that are literally falling apart and the countertops are quite narrow (for one) and the uppers are really built too low to the countertops, making for some difficult workspace. They gotta go.

kitchen cabinets

This is the opposite side of the kitchen. I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they  did this intentionally because they wanted to leave it flexible for future layout options, rather than just assuming that they’re lazy and didn’t really want a kitchen after all. Which is what I really think.

kitchen cavern

This is a bonus that came along with the house…a grotty wire storage rack behind the door to the kitchen. The resorts people go to when they don’t have kitchen cabinets. And yes I did say, “the door to the kitchen.” Again with the flow. Or not.

kitchen wire rack

Welcome to the sunny dining room! Right off of the kitchen, through that lovely arch we saw above.

dining room

And THIS is where the sun comes in. Glorious!! My favorite room in the house. Doesn’t matter that that the plaster paper is literally falling off the walls and the screens are playing hooky.

dining room windows

The hallway off the kitchen to the laundry porch (you read that right…getting there) and the door to the backyard beyond that. You can see behind the door there’s a plastic cleaning tool hanger thing attached to the wall. Another bonus  😉  And the dark stuff in the doorframe is I think supposed to be weather stripping? But it’s MacGyver-ed foam weather stripping, not real weather stripping. Is icky.

hall to porch

The laundry porch! I’ve determined that they originally did laundry outside, and when that went out of vogue they just didn’t have anywhere else to put the laundry facilities, so the porch it was. No idea how accurate that is, but it makes me feel better than to believe that they did this intentionally. I love how much light comes into this space. If it wasn’t needed for the washer and dryer I’d totally use it as a breakfast nook. You can see from these next few pictures that the walls are in pretty rough shape out here…we’re gonna have to figure out what to do about that.

laundry porch

Washer and dryer. Only appliances on the main floor. Pretty good condition actually. They don’t match, which is annoying, but that’s because matchy things look nicer and I like when things look nice. Now originally most of these houses weren’t built with insulation, so the white, filled-in holes above that outlet you see there are where they drilled holes through the exterior walls and added insulation. They go all the way around the house. It’s incredibly attractive, very desirable feature.

laundry 2

A third bonus that came along with the house: a medicine cabinet on the laundry porch. Because that makes sense, right?

laundry med cabinet

Back to the other side of the house, here’s the bathroom. Yes, the wall color is just the same as raspberry chocolate mousse (oh pun-lease honey, that totally jumped into your head too). But no, that’s not a good thing. Also…the floor. That’s all. But I do I love how the shower is open on two sides and has the curved shower rod hanging from the ceiling. So vintage!

bathroom 1

Vanity and mirror, classy classy.

bathroom 2


Check out that light fixture, huh? QUALITY.

bathroom 3

This cabinet is built in behind the bathroom door to serve as a linen closet. I love it  : )  Do note that the upper cabinets are really really high. Like, bottom-shelf-at-eye-level high. And reminder: I’m 5’5″. Not that short. Oh well storage is storage. And hubby’s 6’1″, so that should come in handy.

bathroom 4

photo 5

Both bedrooms are exactly the same size and have the same size closet, so I’ll only show one. Nice and exciting. You can kinda see some of the paper peeling off under the windows. Now, one note about the bedrooms: check out the floors. They’re different than the other hardwoods in the house. That’s super typical of houses built around this time because the oak used in the living room and hallway was more expensive, and the bedrooms (as more private parts of the home) didn’t require as nice of flooring, so they used Douglas Fir instead. These days, old-growth Douglas Fir flooring is nearly impossible to find. These are currently in terrible shape, but we hope to get them shining again  : )

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

So that’s the main floor of our house! Obviously there’s a lot of work to do, and we’re taking it step by step. Stay tuned to see how it goes!


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