While the Cat’s Away…

…the guys will come in and refinish the living room floors.

Wait…no. Yeah, that’s totally how it goes.

Over Labor Day Kyle and I went to Chicago to see his parents. We had such a great time with them, eating, laughing, getting to see their faces when we told them we were having a baby (HYSTERICAL, I tell you!), and I got the chance to visit with several family members that I’d never met before, as well as Kyle’s piano teacher from when he was a kid, and an administrator from his college who became a mentor to him. Everyone was so sweet, we had a really great time.

And we made sure no time was wasted while we were gone! Kyle’s former roommate Aaron works as a flooring refinisher extraordinaire. Aaron came in and expertly told us that we had a lovely mix of white and red oak that would polish up nicely. His coworker helped us out by refinishing our floors over the weekend we were gone. Perfect!

Now, we had a couple of choices as far as the floors go.
1) After he sanded them down he could either stain them or just put on the finishing coat.
2) The finishing coat he used could be a water-based finish, or the legendary Swedish finish.

First and foremost, we loved the idea of the natural colors of the wood showing through, so we opted out of a stain.

Now for the pros and cons of the floor finishes:
Water-based: takes two coats, off-gasses in three days, looks lovely
Swedish: takes three coats, off-gasses in ninety (90. nine zero.) days, extremely durable, is banned in most states due to its toxicity

I’m pregnant and my husband’s afraid of chemicals. We went with the water-based. So having them done while we were gone was perfect because the finish could off-gas while we weren’t even in the state!

I still didn’t go in there for like a week.

Totally a first time mom. Just watch, with kid number four I’ll be so unconcerned about it.

This is so not kid number four. No baby brain damage here!

Just look how gorgeous these are.

living room floors 2

I love them! They’re completely covered with brown paper right now so that we don’t damage them in the process of getting other renovation stuff done, but we cannot wait to see them again!


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