Let There Be Heat

Going into this project, we knew we had an oil furnace. We also knew that the oil tank was empty.

That posed a couple of interesting questions.

  • First of all, did the furnace even work? Since there was no oil in the tank, testing the furnace wouldn’t be as easy as it would have been otherwise.
  • Secondly, was there a hole in the tank and it all seeped out, or did the people who lived in the house before us just use up all the oil that was available to them and not pay to have the tank refilled?
  • Thirdly, what should we do about it?

Initially we thought we might just test the furnace by putting a small amount of oil in the tank. As we researched that possibility further, the problem with that popped up was that the amount of oil we’d have to put in just to test the furnace would cost us about $600. That’s one pricy test.

We have a good friend who works in heating and we asked if he’d come by to take a look at it. He suggested we put in a gas line and install a new gas furnace. That sounded expensive to us, but in finding out more about it, we learned that because all the homes around us ran on gas heat, the city would run a gas line to our place and install a meter for free.

Free sounded promising. And that would mean that I could get a gas stove. Guess what my vote was for.

When we relayed our findings to our friend, he said that it’d be super easy for him to find a slightly older model gas furnace that we could use, and that he would install it for cost.


So we called the city and had them come out to put in a gas line.

Our friend and his sons came to our place one day and took out the old oil furnace. The house was furnace-less for a weekend, and I don’t know what the deal was, but I swear the house was colder, in spite of the fact that the furnace that had been there wasn’t producing any heat. Seriously, I’d put money on it, it was ridiculous.

Early the next week, the guys came back and installed a like-new gas furnace and even did some fancy duct-molding work to make sure it was nice and snug in there. Kyle took his time to thoroughly clean out that whole closet area where the furnace is so that it would be possible for our renters to use it to store some things. We even talked about putting in a little access door on the other side.

Blessedly, the guys also pulled the gas line into the laundry closet so we could put a gas dryer in there. Hooray!

All of this, these guys did for cost. So incredibly generous of them, we’re so so thankful! And now, as of yesterday, our home has heat! Getting so close to being able to live there!


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