Kitchen Demo

I’m actually having a hard time with the title of this post…it should probably read “Sink Room Demo” or something along those lines, because this was not a kitchen.

Anyway, remember what it looked like before?

kitchen cabinets

After ripping out the floors and getting some other things into a worse state than they initially were, we finally decided that the time had come…the cabinets had to go.

So we went to work. Kyle on the cabinets, me on the Red Sox game. Priorities, man.

Ladies and gentlemen, my husband worked so hard. He first had to disconnect this weird junction box in the cabinet (yes, in the cabinet) and secure it with tape so that he didn’t get electrocuted. I, unfortunately for y’all, was too engrossed in the game to take photos of that part.

He then had to take out the uppers. Looked a little like this:

kitchen upper outApparently the cupboard innards were originally fire-truck-red.

In the midst of taking out the uppers, he removed the ancient fan that was in the cabinet directly above the sink, and found this:

kitchen fanHe’d already thrown it out the window by the time I got to it, so it was a little dismantled, but *that* my friends, is a bird’s nest. Sorry birdies.

Kyle then had to take all the tiles off of the backsplash and the countertops. I think this part was mid-game-2 of the World Series, so I don’t have any photos of that part either.

The next step (which he conquered the following day) was to dismantle the countertop boards. It was hard to watch him do because I couldn’t help him at all for fear of straining things that should be strained and it was difficult for him to get the leverage to do on his own. But he hulked it out and was ready to tear out the sink and the base cabinets.

And this, dear reader, is what it looked like when he got (mostly) done with it:

kitchen cabinets 5We ended up taking out the base that you see there, but decided to take the after picture at this point to make Kyle feel more accomplished  ; )  He’d done SO much work. We packed it all up, headed to the dump, and made their floor look like this (if you look really closely you can see that nasty old single-bowl, shallow, stainless sink down there too, underneath that left cabinet):

kitchen cabinets 6Little explanation as to why we didn’t save much of the material because I know our eco-friends are going to grill us:

1) The cabinets were custom built into the house, so they weren’t stand-alone pieces that we could pull out and reuse or sell.

2) They had years and years of paint on them, and testing in other parts of the house has indicated that it could very well be lead-based paint. Eco-friendly *that*, dear friends. If we didn’t need to deal with it, we weren’t going to.

3) This house is not huge! There aren’t tons of places we could add a bunch of extra cabinetry.

4) If we decided to try to sell it, who’s going to take that stuff? I mean seriously.

In the end, Kyle did such a great job and got so much done, I’m so proud of my man! Three cheers for husbands!


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