Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

Jumping ahead in the kitchen story just a smidge (we’ll get you the whole story soon!) we got an initial quote for kitchen cabinets and countertops and everything, and all in all, it was simply too much for us.

It included the cost of a graphite kitchen sink.

Let’s talk about that sink for just a minute.

Honestly, I was going along with the idea of this sink for Kyle’s sake. The place we stayed for our one-year anniversary trip had a little kitchenette that had a graphite sink that Kyle really liked. I’d seen them before and am not really a huge fan and I didn’t think it’d be super appropriate for this particular house, but I thought I’d keep my mouth shut and we could just go with it because it wasn’t that huge of a deal.

Compromise, right? That’s one of the things marriage is all about. And he already thinks that I don’t take his opinions on aesthetics seriously. Which…is…kinda true, if you want to state the truth in a skewed kinda way. I care about his opinions very very much, and I do take them seriously! I really want him to enjoy living in our house and to look forward to coming home because it’s such a cozy, lovely place for us to carry out our lives. But, to be honest, (and he knows this, so I’m totally not throwing him under the bus here) his taste is pretty outdated. Circa early- to mid-nineties. (Goodness, you should have seen us trying to plan our wedding…that was interesting.) I mean, what else is to be expected really? The man has a truly brilliant business and logistics mind, and I’m SO thankful that he takes the lead on that stuff for us! However, not everyone can be brilliant at everything, and he’s not exactly Mies van der Rohe or Le Corbusier. Never really developed that artistic eye. So, when he does have an aesthetic idea or preference that doesn’t initially illicit some sort of artistic revolt from within the soul of the creative half of our marriage over here (hi!), I really try to go with it.

However…paying the $260 price we were quoted for that particular sink that he liked ended up turning it into a compromise that he was unwilling to make.

Hey, I tried.

We went by the RE Store again (where we got the legendary washer/dryer for the rental unit…just waiting till that’s all hooked up to share that story, because it’s EPIC and deserves proper photos), checked out what they had, and came home with a beautiful white cast iron sink that was just the size we needed, a garbage disposal to hook up, and a bunch of little plumbing fixtures for a grand total of: $65.

Yep. $65.

Just to recap real quick, that’s $195 less than just the sink as we were quoted. Who says I have expensive taste, now?!

And just check out this gorgeous thing:

kitchen sink in yard

Sorry for the weird angle. Okay, so it might not exactly be ideally showcased at the moment, but this puppy’s going to polish up nicely! Can’t wait to use it every day!


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