Oh sweet motherhood

Sometimes parenting is awesome and easy and predictable and you’re well prepared for what comes your way and you feel like, “Bam bam bam! I’m SUPERMOM!” even though that’d be completely inappropriate to yell from the rooftops like you feel you’ve earned the right to because these instances really don’t come around all the time, it’s just this fantastic little moment where all good things come together and culminate in a moment of parenting glory.

And *sometimes* you change your son into three pairs of pajamas over the course of eight hours (note: all eight hours referred to are typically dedicated to sleep as opposed to developing underground, small-scale infant sleepwear fashion shows), and clean pee off of the wall, changing table, and child at 4:30am, all while your sweet, precious babe intermittently screams, practices his explosive noise sounds, and flails his pee-soaked hands all about your face as you try to calm him and keep him quiet so that *somebody* (anybody) in the neighborhood has the opportunity to sleep. Oh, and in an earlier glory-moment you changed his sheet and mattress cover and threw them in the wash, but haven’t popped them in the dryer yet, so it’s back into the pee-stinky crib for the poor baby.


(Deeeeeeeeep breath…”serenity now…”)

Make that *four* pairs of pajamas.


Life Update

So there have been some changes around here. Life-altering, time-consuming changes. As such, there will be some changes to the blog as well. Namely, I plan to write on it. You see, these changes that have been happening are the kinds of things that are so big and wonderful that as time marches on, the fact of them might take over and the details be forgotten. But the details are so lovely! It’d be a shame for all of them to be forgotten, or lost in a jumble of memories.

I’m going to attempt to record some of the details here. We shall see how it goes, but I’ve put every system in place to make this successful! Like, it’s written into my schedule. Now we’ll see if I can stick to the schedule.

Pictures…we need pictures. I think pictures would help.

First big change: We now live in our house! Have for a while now, and it’s really lovely.

Second big change: [decidedly the biggest (and my favorite) of all the changes] We have a baby! He’s wonderful! Here are some pictures that someone with decidedly more time and talent than I have just whipped right up a while back: http://www.tammycirceo.com/2014/05/oh_the_love.html (Someday I’ll learn how to hyperlink well…until then…) As such, there will likely now be mama/baby/family stuff on here. It’s just…on the brain *fairly* frequently (meaning: ALL THE TIME).

Third big change: We have absolutely NO life! This little house is still sucking all the juice out of us and our time. But it’s cozy and sweet and home.

Okay I think that’s it for the big updates. Little updates: we went to Mexico and England this year before the babe joined us, I’m a stay-at-home mama now and miss a particular little nanny darling SO terribly, we technically own three cars at the moment, for the first time in my life I have weight to lose which is annoying and I don’t really know how to handle it, I’m really into streamlining absolutely everything these days, Amazon Prime is a lifesaver, and spaghetti squash. CANNOT get enough of the stuff.

I’ve been asked SO many times, so a concise version of Nolan’s birth story will be up soon!