Baby’s First International Flight

Oh, one more thing about flight prep. A couple weeks ago I decided that we needed to have an Ergo 360. They’re brand new, nobody has them discounted [my argument falls fifteen notches in Kyle’s estimation], and coupons don’t apply to them [argument fails]. Two days pre-flight Kyle saw the light and said we could get one. YAY! Everyone’s sold out of them. PANIC AND DEVASTATION. We found *one store* that has *one* in stock, and it’s in my first color choice. HAAAAAAALLELUJAH!!

Oh and another thing. We order Nolan’s formula from this gorgeous country. Long story. Yes it’s necessary, since you asked. We knew we were coming here and believed we had enough stocked up to make it through our travel days, so we didn’t order any more. We used the very very last of his formula about an hour before we landed. THE LAST. Doesn’t get much closer than that. Unbelievable.

On we go.

We already knew we have a good flyer. He’s been on two trips with us, one cross-country, and he did so well. He’s a little charmer, makes friends with everyone he meets, loves to smile and laugh and ham it up. We got the upgraded economy tickets because we knew there would be fewer people in that cabin, in case he “struggled” (read: panicked uncontrollably), not to mention how great British Airways world traveler plus seats are. SO GREAT.

We packed fifteen extra things in his little backpack because he’s so sick. Nose aspirator, thermometer, the world’s largest supply of baby tylenol. He got by just like we expected him to! Made friends with the flight attendants, even a new friend who lives in Lake City who wants to hang out when we get home (hi Blair!), and actually slept ON HIS BACK in the baby bassinet. UNHEARD OF. I can’t even tell you. When that got old he slept on Kyle in the ergo (yes, ^ that one!) for a good few hours, which allowed me to get some sleep on my own. It actually worked out okay that he didn’t sleep for a few days before we flew to a place with an eight-hour time difference. I think he had a leg up on the change.

Which makes one of us.

We crawled up and down the aisle, we ate so much applesauce, we watched most of Gone Girl. He was almost impeccably behaved, such a champ.

Then came the descent. The last hour of that plane ride was pure misery. The pressure in my head had been building the entire flight and I felt near combustion at the end. It was clear that Nolan was not doing well with the pressure in his ears, poor baby. He couldn’t handle it, he hadn’t slept in a long time, and he was decidedly not interested in eating anything else. Oh and I got motion sickness! Total. Win. Thankfully I didn’t lose anything, but it took us a long time to get off that airplane because I simply could not stand up.

That was it. That was the point where I decided that this trip was a truly terrible idea and was filled with the dread of knowing that it was too late to turn back.

And then I realized that I’d forgotten to bring my coat. Seriously? My coat? What am I, three years old? I’d intended to wear it on the plane but it was such a nice day in Seattle and I was in a rush getting to the taxi. So it went forgotten, and I went cold.

Great. Perfect arrival in England.

Could have been worse. I could have been nauseated and warm.  🙂


One thought on “Baby’s First International Flight

  1. I’m so sorry you were so nauseous! Oh my …
    But happy that most of that long flight was pleasant enough with Matthew. He’s such a trooper. And so are you!
    Go buy a coat!

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