England, Day: Jet Lag…So I’m Not Sure What Day It Is

Nolan slept through customs, which had no line because we’d taken our sweet sweet time getting off the plane.

We’d arrived quite early in the morning local time, around 7am, and by the time we got our bags and made it to a point where we could get to our rental car, traffic was not good on the roads and Kyle refuses to drive in traffic unless he absolutely has to. Which he thinks is never. So we hunkered down and hung out for a while. Nolan slept more. I got a smoothie from the Costa at arrivals and that improved my tummy situation a bit more. The highways here are different than in the US, lots of roundabouts, so I was glad to not get in the car for a while.

We crammed all of our many bags into the car, strapped in our sick boy, drove straight to the Tesco near the town we’re staying in, and proceeded to spend two hours there.

Two hours. In a grocery store/Target sorta place.


So the formula that we buy for Nolan from here we got for $27/box on eBay. Not cheap, but surprisingly not bad compared to domestic brands, and shipping is free so that’s nice. Here? Two boxes for 13 quid (because I can’t find the British pound sign)! That’s like $18-$20ish! For TWO BOXES! We’re bringing home a mother load.

Also, the baby food here is awesome. And I’m not using that word lightly, Daddy. Awe-inspiring. Awesome.

Also, European pharmacists. Yes. Just yes.

This one fell in love with my son and had SO many helpful things to tell us to help him. (Vapor rub is not something that I grew up with and I personally generally have an issue with stuff I rub onto my body because it grosses me out (yes, I know I’m weird), and honestly it seems like my son has the same reservations, BUT his cough has improved since just yesterday. I’m so thankful! Vapor rub for the win! Oh, and it has like three ingredients, two of which I have in my medicine drawer at home. Love it.)

By the way, “over-the-counter” actually means over-the-counter here. Like, there’s a counter and the pharmacist has to hand you the unprescribed items over that counter.

This is where I bought my mom’s first souvenir. To be fair to me, she asked for it. I’m not just a compulsive souvenir shopper.

Nolan charmed our way through the grocery store (pharmacists, senior citizens, other kids, cashier, the 86-year-old sweetie who asked him why it was cute for him to have so few teeth and not so cute for her to have so few teeth…bless her heart…you name them, he charmed them), but wouldn’t eat anything. Par for the course over the last few days, but I was starting to get worried. He’d eaten so poorly since just before he got sick, he was sleeping like a newborn, and we threw him a big ol curveball by taking him on such a long flight to such a different time zone.

By the time we got to the hotel he’d taken a bunch of mini-naps but nothing substantial, he’d eaten close to nothing, and his cough was getting worse. I’m sicksicksick, but my mama bear shot up inside me and I went on a mission to at least make my boy more comfortable. We unpacked, set up a little sleep area for him and let him explore a bit while we got settled.

We fed him and he fell asleep at the end of the bottle. I laid him in his crib, he realized he wasn’t being held anymore, he became very upset and started crying, then coughing, then gagging to the point that he threw up that bottle. Not spit up…threw up. Sweet boy  😦

We cleaned up and he promptly fell asleep HARD while Kyle was holding him upright. Like…we had to catch him. Kyle convinced me to put him back in his bed, and he slept there for an hour or so while I napped too and Kyle went out for work stuff. When Nolan woke up I pulled him into bed with me and all told we slept for at least three hours. So thankful we got that! He even ate a pretty good bottle when he woke up. I got smart and have kept some of the baby cough syrup that we got from the pharmacist yesterday nearby when he’s eating in case he gets choky. That’s seemed to help a few times.

There’s a lovely little dinner place down the street from the hotel and they’re one of the incredibly limited number of places that have food available after 8pm. You can get a beer anytime, but don’t you dare ask for food at a pub after 8pm. Weird looks, man. We went down to this place, The Slug and Lettuce (yes, I’m serious), for dinner around 9. Kyle had a coupon (yes, I’m serious). Nolan ate some of the baby food we got him at the store, and he really seemed to like it! We’ve never given him prepared baby food before so I was nervous about how he would take it, but he’s done quite well so far. Happy baby, happy mama!

That is when Nolan fell asleep upright for the second time. Le sigh.

Kyle carried him back to our room and we all slept for about an hour before Nolan woke up. He was having a really hard time just having little coughs, but we took our time with all the remedies we have for this sickness of his, and he eventually calmed down enough to sleep.

We all slept quite well last night. Such an answer to prayer. We were up for about 45 minutes sometime in there, but we fed our boy and all got back to sleep fairly easily. At some point last night (can’t seem to remember when…) he actually drank water. He never drinks water, but he wanted a solid three ounces or so.

A word on cosleeping. We don’t usually do it, but sometimes our touchy sweet boy needs a little extra loving. I’m so glad that it works for some people and I’m so glad we’re not so legalistic that we are open to doing it sometimes, and I’m so glad that I have a boy who likes to be loved on! But I never sleep nearly as well when he’s right there. He needs his space and I need mine! We’ll get through this transition and get our own space back. That will be a good night!

Okay, I think I’ve overloaded you with enough recounting for today  🙂  Till I have better stories and more energy to tell them!


2 thoughts on “England, Day: Jet Lag…So I’m Not Sure What Day It Is

  1. 1. Two hours in a grocery store? You are most certainly my progeny.
    2. Killer deal on baby formula! So glad you took that super huge suitcase full of disposable diapers so you can bring it back full of formula!
    3. Souvenir pour moi? Yay. 😉 I have an idea what it is.
    4. Who is surprised about Matthew charming the Brits? I mean seriously … the kid is a magnet, but the 86-year-old sweetie. Oh my gosh.
    5. The Slug and Lettuce. I have no words. Wait yes, I do: Oh those Brits, and salt water. Salt water kills slugs.
    6. Co-sleeping … if I hadn’t done that with you sometimes, neither you NOR I would’ve survived. Sometimes, babies just need to know Mom is close. And then Mom needs to know that Baby is sleeping elsewhere!
    7. … is a good number.

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