L’hotel Anglaise

Totally not the name of our hotel. But because I don’t necessarily know who all could read this, I’m not telling you the name of our hotel.

Initially Kyle and I agreed that we wouldn’t take this trip with our son unless we could stay in one of the apartments that the company covers. We found out in December that the apartments have something against children under the age of ten. I assumed that meant the trip was off. Kyle assumed that meant we’d have some other things to work around.

I was nervous about staying in a hotel with a baby for a month. I’m going to be here with Nolan on my own most days, and he usually has a whole house to crawl around. Space in a hotel is so limited, not to mention that the extent of our “cooking” options here have to do with a hot pot and a fridge the size of a coffee table book. I mentioned before that we (read: Kyle) spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with the reservations manager here at the hotel, Diane. She was remarkably helpful and friendly and made us (read: Kyle) feel much better about this prospect.

When we showed up yesterday Diane was so glad to meet us, talked all about her granddaughter Sophie who is just a couple months younger than Nolan, said she could hook me up with her daughter and friends for play dates, mentioned that if we need any baby gear that we didn’t bring she has doubles of everything at her house because of her grandchildren and we can borrow anything we want to, and even offered to babysit after we get settled so we can go out for dinner some night after Nolan goes to sleep. Two words: customer service. Amiright?

I’m wanting to get some photos up here, but until I can do that you’ll have to satisfy yourself with my engrossing, vivid descriptions.

{Let’s be honest, this post is primarily for my mother. (Hi, Mom!) Everyone else will wonder why in the world my brain and blog are soooooo boring, detail-oriented, and long-freaking-winded. Refer back to the end of post one of this England “series” and don’t say I didn’t warn you.}

Diane put us in the largest room in the hotel, and it’s attached to only two other rooms (one above us and one next to us). It’s in the 17th century part of the building and has an outside entrance, so there’s no long corridor for angry, sick screams to reverberate down. There’s easy access to the high street (where most of the shops and restaurants are) and would be great for stroller/buggy access if Nolan didn’t have an extreme aversion to such contraptions. Just outside there’s a pretty cobblestone courtyard with a fountain, and reception is right across the way. We get breakfast over there every morning (they have a great high chair for Nolan!).

The door of our room is glass, so lots of light comes in, and there’s a clear, distinctly British entry area with a closet, which is so nice! We have three other windows too, one of which spans the width of the room, looks directly out at the courtyard fountain, and is framed by a gorgeous arch. So much light comes in there!

We put Nolan’s pack n play in the archway, so he’s close to our (king size) bed (we’re never going home!) and away from the other windows in the room. We can have the curtains of the other windows open and just close the big window’s curtains so that he can nap (which he’s been doing for about three hours now! Yay sleep!). Also in the archway is an armchair and ottoman with a standing lamp and a table. That’s Reading Central as it stands, but with Nolan sleeping two feet away, I might need to move that all to a bag and take it and the baby monitor to the courtyard or across to reception to get any reading done. Not blogging would also help with that.

The bathroom is awfully nice and a good size. There’s a shelf that runs the length of it between the mirror and the sink/toilet, and we’ve made use of the whoooooole thing. We have the toiletries area, the bottle drying area, the bottle making area, and the “sick baby station”. On the sink to the left of the faucet we have bottles that need to be washed and on the right side we have hand soap and dish soap. Not wasting an inch!

Behind the TV we have a little alcohol stash (necessary, although currently whiskey-less) flanked by extra formula on one side and a variety of great-sounding organic British baby food on the other. Not-being-in-the-US for the win!

One desk drawer holds food for me and Kyle and the other houses my hair stuff/the hotel blow dryer (Brits obviously don’t believe in fixing your hair in the bathroom…the only plug that hotel bathrooms have is specifically for shavers. Why? No clue. I feel weird asking. And this is not hotel-specific. We’ve stayed in at least five different British hotels, and they’re all the same. The unknown is eating away at me…why only shavers? WHY???)

There’s a great little wooden luggage rack with a low shelf that now holds all of Nolan’s toys. He’s learning where to find them and it’s pretty cute!

One thing we don’t have is a good place for diaper changing, but if that’s the worst we have to complain about I think we’ll be okay! So far we just have the changing pad on a towel on the floor in between our bed and his crib. The air also got incredibly dry in here last night, so that’s a con. I’m not typically one to notice such things, and certainly not to complain about them, but I woke up and felt like I couldn’t speak if I tried. There was a fan in the closet here that we’re using to mask noise for Nolan as he sleeps, but it certainly doesn’t help with the dryness. Kyle’s going to look for a humidifier today at the store.

What’s that? The overwhelming vagueness of this post is making you want to take a gun to your head? Ohhhhhohoho you…you silly josher, you…

Like I said, mostly for my mama. So it’s written like the world’s longest text message to her. Because she doesn’t care how articulate or concise I am, she just want to know as much as possible  🙂  And seeing as how I just wrote 1100 words describing our hotel room and where I’ve stashed everything, you can obviously blame genetics for my unedited blogging style.


One thought on “L’hotel Anglaise

  1. Hey … *I* edit! I edit a lot. A DANG lot, girl!
    But I’m glad YOU didn’t because I can picture very well what your space looks like. 🙂
    I’m so happy for someone like Diane being there! Wow, and she offered to babysit?! I hope you have playdate with her daughter and friends because it would be way cool to have British girlfriends. Really.
    OK … so I won’t write a whole blog post in response. 🙂 Just so happy for you three to have an English adventure again. This time, Matthew can actually see it! 🙂

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