England: Day 3, Wednesday

Like I said before, we slept pretty well, but are looking forward to not being jet lagged soon. Nolan was up for about 45 minutes in the middle of the night and it was a group effort to get him back to sleep, but thankfully he was tired enough to not fight us much.

We bought a big ol five liter bottle of water at the Tesco yesterday and it’s gone. Between refilling my water bottle to put electrolyte tablets in, making baby bottles, brewing a few cups of tea, and just drinking some water straight, we killed it, it’s totally gone. We drank all the waters. But I woke up so dry! This cold, that flight, and the chilly weather here (the next person who tells me that Seattle and England essentially have the same weather is begging to be throat punched) have me knocked over. Literally, my cheek started bleeding. My CHEEK. Just a random spot on my cheek, no scratch, no scrape, no nothing, just dry and sandpapery, to say nothing of my nose and lips. That’s another story. Coconut oil all over, every half hour on the dot.

Our boy seems to be feeling a little better today. We had to wake him up in order to get over to breakfast before they cut it off, and he woke up so sweetly…just grinning that gummy grin at us and wanting to look at us and touch our faces. Typically he lets people know that he loves them by trying to rip their nose off their face, but this morning he just wanted to almost float his hand over our faces. He even finished a big ol bottle before we went over to breakfast! Yay for eating like a normal healthy baby! We’ve had to suck his nose several times, which is everyone’s *favorite* thing, and his lungs are sounding a little gravelly  😦  We have an email out to his doctor to ask her advice. Thankfully he’s had no fever since Monday just before our flight. We’re keeping all his toys washed well and hand sanitizer is at the ready. This sickness needs to die!

We’ve been taking it easy and trying to just adjust a little more today. Nolan fell asleep before I could feed him his lunch bottle and proceeded to sleep for 4.5 hours before I actually woke him up. Lucky little puppy.

His favorite toys are proving to be the same as they are at home…any door that has a proclivity toward swinging a particular direction (for example, the door to the bathroom in our hotel room likes to swing open, so Nolan likes to push it shut a little at at time and watch it fall back open) and the toilet. Always the toilet. Other than that he really likes the new little stuffed animal Mimi gave him for Valentine’s Day, a sweet doggy named Yodel. He goes right for it in his stack of toys, every time.

Kyle went into work today to become acclimated. He’s been “on loan” to a different group for the past few months, so he’s not as on top of the exact material they’re working with and needed to catch up a bit. We missed him while he was gone, but he came home with loads of water and a way to make our phones work, so I guess we’ll forgive him for leaving.

We ended up at this lovely little place called Cote Brasserie for dinner. Kyle went there yesterday with a couple people from work while Nolan and I napped, and he insisted on taking us back there tonight. It was lovely! They serve filtered water (a strangely big deal around here, where the water is incredibly limey…has stuff floating in it…), knew what “gluten-free” means, and were completely on top of their service game. Once Nolan dropped his spoon as he was playing with it and a waiter walking by insisted on taking it to run it under hot water before bringing it back to us. They forced a kir royale, french onion soup (hold the bread), and boeuf bourguignon on me. Oh the pain, save me now.

We put Nolan down for bed when we got back to our room, but he thought it was a nap…so he was up an hour later. Which made it easy to Skype with the grandparents! Our chat with Mimi was cut short because Nolan was very upset that he had to just look at her and not snuggle her. That was very annoying for him. And for Mimi, actually. Afterwards we chatted with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Deb, and Nolan was so happy to see them and probably equally happy that I let him play with the laptop keyboard for a while during our chat. Just like his daddy, loves stuff with buttons  🙂

Being in England has been hard so far. It’s just not an ideal health situation to be away from home for. But somehow there’s less stress than there is at home, probably because I don’t have a load of stuff to do like I do at home. As such, in spite of the sicky-ness, I’ve been a nicer human being! I’ve been more patient and calm and understanding…these are all things I prioritize highly at home, but they’ve been so much easier since we left. The elements of life in this particular day don’t really seem to lend themselves toward that end, but who cares? We’ll take Nice Emma any day!


One thought on “England: Day 3, Wednesday

  1. I can just see him grinning that gummy grin and being so gentle with his hand near your face. He’s a sweet bug!
    And I do think Cote Brasserie will know you all quite well before you leave England! 😉

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