I’m awful at this blogging thing. I think we’re gonna switch all updates over to Instagram…pictures are worth a thousand words anyway, right? And much quicker to post.

Friday we took our boy to the A&E here because we couldn’t get an appointment with a GP (which seems to surprise everyone that we talk to, but we tried EVERYTHING short of illegal bribery!), and they were absolutely fantastic with him. We got in very quickly, no waiting around, and by the time we left the office he’d had a chest X-ray which came out clear, so we knew he didn’t have bronchitis or pneumonia, and his fever was down to 100.2 (woohoo!). They put him on amoxicillin and his symptoms have been improving quite a lot, but now he has diarrhea and a rash that just keeps spreading  😦  We called the doctors and they don’t seem terribly concerned, and with only five doses left I don’t really want to start a new course of drugs, so I put in an email to Nolan’s doctor at home to get her opinion. She must be SO sick of seeing my name in her inbox by now! Whoops.

Saturday morning Nolan seemed to be doing a bit better so we drove to the edge of London at Kew Gardens and took the tube into the city. We had such a lovely time! The weather was cold but gorgeous, and our boy was so good and took two naps in the Ergo. He did have a little issue in his pants…then another little issue in his pants (thanks antibiotics)…so we maybe went shopping for him and I maybe had a strong desire for ALL OF THE BABY CLOTHES. Kyle held me to a cute little pack of grey and white onesies. Thank God, because I could feel every drop of self control seeping out of my pores. We went by Abbey Road (Kyle couldn’t get over all the people stopping in the crosswalk to take The Picture. He didn’t know that The Picture was a thing. I had to threaten to pull up the White Album to show him what The Picture was before he kinda sorta hooked on to the idea, but then he still couldn’t get over it. Anything, particularly any voluntary thing, that stops/hinders/affects traffic in any way is completely incomprehensible to my dear husband.), Sherlock Holmes’s house at 221B Baker Street where everyone was Asian (why are white people not into Sherlock Holmes? Or black people? Or Indian people? Or is it that the non-Asians among us can’t afford the $30 tour?), and went through Selfridge’s. That…that was an experience. You need a map for that place. We made it out with one $12 glass of champagne and a few weird looks from all the prammers…apparently there’s not much of a baby wearing movement around here. American crunchies would be SO out of place. I can just feel all their judgment welling up, waiting to soar across the ocean and fall on these pramming Brits.

We decided to take it easy on Sunday, found a wonderful local market, and cooked dinner for a friend here on the same project as Kyle. It was so nice to be in an apartment and not the hotel! Things are fine here at the hotel. We’ll have plenty of good stories to tell for years about how we filled the bathroom sink with mildly hot water to heat bottles as we used the toilet lid as a countertop to measure out formula, used an ice bucket as a wastebasket, boiled water in the open kettle to serve as a humidifier, washed clothes in the sink and hung them to dry in pretty much every bit of space an item could be hung, washed bottles in the bathroom sink three times a day, and how I insisted on bringing a $3 Target craft caddy to use for diapers and wipes and butt creams which was the *best decision I’ve made for this entire trip*. But it’s gonna be a long month doing life this way. It was so lovely to cook and use a fridge and see evidence that dishwashers to exist! We were also able to do a load of laundry which was awesome. Never thought I’d be so happy to do laundry, but after those messes on Saturday we were running out of clothes really quickly! The kitchen in the apartment was actually set up quite well, so Kyle and I took some notes for when we’re remodeling future kitchens in any apartments we might own. Steve was lovely company and we had a wonderful time hanging out with him and getting to know him better.

Nolan’s obviously feeling a lot better than he was before and his appetite is really increasing which makes me feel great, but he’s still not back to being fully himself, poor guy  😦  I’m about to drop kick this cold off a bridge. His hair is actually looking lighter to me, more like my color, and he’s solidly grown out of all his nine-month clothes. He’s figured out how to do the horsey-lips thing instead of just pursing his lips and spitting (although there’s still plenty of that) and he’s trying to wave bye-bye with just his hand now, instead of with his whole arm. It’s seriously adorable, watching him concentrate so hard on just opening and closing his hand rather than just wave the whole thing through the air. Even though he’s been a solid mama’s boy while he’s been sick, he’s also started hugging Kyle a LOT, which might melt Ky just a little bit.

A nice thing about Kyle working weird hours over here is that we get to see him all morning before he leaves for work around 1:30, so today we got to go for a nice long walk through a giant park here, stop into a giant toy store near the edge of town, and have a great lunch before he had to leave.

Found some Woodford Reserve on the lunch menu today, but still no sign in this country of my beloved Maker’s Mark. I will not give up hope!


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