It’s been a bit since I’ve had time to quickly post anything, let alone put thought into it! Nolan’s taking up all my waking hours by being cute as a button and growing way too much. Kyle and I think we might be creating a bit of a monster…he’s getting pretty attached to both of us. It’s encouraging that he’s still interested in being held by the sweet girls at the front desk and in the restaurant. He loves them SO much!

As mobile as our kiddo is between the crawling and the pulling up/trying to cruise, he’d never managed to master rolling over…until last week. Now all hope is lost. His new favorite game is roll-over-as-quickly-as-possible-and-as-many-times-as-possible-while-mama-is-changing-my-diaper. I’m not a fan of this game, but I’m given no choice but to play along. Le sigh.

He’s also been eating a TON. Oh my goodness, this kid can literally put away more food than I can. Last night he had seven ounces of milk (a full bottle), a full pouch of baby dinner food (chicken casserole with rice…filling by any standards, amiright?), four or five mini rice cakes, about a dozen french fries (because they’re seriously his favorite thing in the whole wide world, and whenever he looks at them he gets this maniacal look in his eye), and four more ounces of milk. SO MUCH FOOD.

Along with lots of eating has come lots of sleeping, so we’re not complaining! We’ve been getting a solid ten hours of sleep out of him every night, with no waking up to eat. When we got to England I looked at the age recommendations for the different stages of formula offered by the brand we use, and we kinda should have bumped him up a stage a couple months ago. I wonder if that’s why I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night for months with a ravenous baby on my hands. The package says that most babies will need between 500 and 600ml of milk per day. My kid’s eating about 750ml. But hey, if he’s sleeping through the night, who cares?! We’re bringing a suitcase full of formula home. Don’t tell Customs.

Just kidding…we’ll tell Customs. Get off my back, NSA!

Also (drum roll, please), my son is now proudly sporting not one, but TWO teeth! The one directly above his existing tooth finally popped through! Although not evident to the untrained eye, it’s definitely there. In theory, he could bite something now!

Last weekend we went to a semi-professional rugby game between a local team and a neighboring town, and it was really fun! There’s a local man that Kyle works with while he’s here, and that man is a member of The Club (which costs like twenty pounds a year) and as a member of The Club you can bring as many guests as you want to bring to games, and give them access to The Clubhouse, where there is a bar with whiskey shots for #2.35. They have other stuff too, but who cares? So everyone is standing around this muddy, ripped up rugby pitch, wearing as many layers as they own north of their wellies, holding full pints of cask ale. The old farts had cigars, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, this age old British pastime is literally illegal in the states. You just think about that for one minute.

Saturday night we had the pleasure of having dinner with Steve again, and I was incredibly happy to cook again! We had steak with a mushroom cream sauce, roasted potatoes, sautéed kale, and salad. I can’t wait to get back to my kitchen! I have a serious need to cook regularly!

Sunday we went to Portsmouth, which is about an hour south of where we are. We spent a lot of time visiting the Historic Dockyard there, where we learned about the Georgian and Victorian navies (not an appealing life) and toured a submarine. Kyle was in heaven! We didn’t get as much time there as we would have liked because there’s just so much to see, but our passes are good for a year so we’re hoping to go back. Portsmouth is also known as the Home of Great Writing (Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were born there, and there are walking tours offered to explain some of their inspirations and settings from around the city), as well as an entire mall of outlet stores. Which we didn’t go to. Because we were on freaking battleships.

I love my husband.

Our dinner that night was amazing. We found a little pub right on the water in Portsmouth that ended up being a big pub with a glass roof over the waterfront part of the second story. It was gorgeous! Typically I wouldn’t go through every restaurant we visit, but we’ve eaten at some ringers the past few days. That night I went out on a limb and had the fish curry bowl. (Yes, for me it’s a limb.) It was amazing!! I get the feeling I’m going to be talking about that one for a while! The flavors were just perfect, and I’d been needing something kinda soupy, so it totally hit the spot. Brits know how to do curry.

Kyle’s working first shift from here on out, so this week he’s been getting to work by 6 and getting back around 3. It’s so nice to have the evenings with him! We definitely miss him in the mornings though. While he was off to work on Monday morning, Nolan and I visited a “mum and baby” group that meets at a sweet Baptist church up the street and around the corner from us. The moms were so kind and friendly and inviting! I spent most of the time with a couple of sweet girls and their kiddos, and we exchanged numbers and are going to try to hang out sometime this week. It’s hard for me to get out there and meet new people because I generally just don’t like people, so that was really nice! And they’re both married to engineers, so THEY GET ME.

One of them is actually originally from South Africa, so she and I had a good talk about her country and what it’s like to move here from somewhere else.

Monday night’s dinner (because you’re intensely interested in each of our meals) was truly remarkable. We went with a group of people Kyle works with to a place called The Gamekeeper, and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to order fish rather than venison. The fish was great, but let’s be honest, more logical decisions have been made. Next time, red meat. Anyway, there were no paper menus, whatever they decide to make that day gets put up on the chalkboard, and wherever you’re sitting in the restaurant, you’d best go find that chalkboard. It was all so fresh and so English! Loved it, we’ll definitely be back.

[g chji n –from Nolan]

We’re looking forward to going to Cardiff this weekend. The weekend of castles! I may or may not have a detailed map of *most* of the castles in southern Wales. There may or may not be approximately eighty on my map. We can likely visit a maximum of four. *annoyed emoticon*

Till next time! Check Instagram for photos!


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