Traveling With Baby: What To Pack and What To Leave At Home

While we were in Europe there were definitely some things we learned about packing for a big trip with a baby! Give this list a look over and see what you think.

What To Pack

Don’t leave home without these things!

1. Travel-size Stain Remover

This really saved us! I purchased a small baby stain remover bottle as I walked by it in the checkout line one day before we left, but once that’s gone I think I’ll just fill a small empty spray bottle from Target with the stain remover we use at home. There were a few times that I think we would have had to toss his clothes if we hadn’t had this little gem with us!

2. Travel-size Squeezer Bottle Of Dish Soap

This. Has. Saved us! Unfortunately it didn’t last for the length of our trip, I should have filled the bottle more, but it’s been immensely helpful to have been able to wash bottles in the airport, a city lunch spot or two, and our hotel room! I’m going to be keeping it in the diaper bag from now on so I can wash bottles while we’re gone for a day out. (Turns out, they make little bottles of dish soap just for this purpose! I just got an itty bottle from Target, which worked great for us.)

3. Sick Baby Kit

You never know when baby’s going to wake up with a runny nose or a little fever, so be prepared! Our Sick Baby Kit has our nose sucker, thermometer, baby tylenol, baby ibuprofen, gas drops, medicine syringes, homeopathics, homeopathic teething tablets, baby saline drops, baby vapor rub, and instant pedialyte (not recommended for babies under one year, but our boy doesn’t seem to mind as long as we water it down a bit more than the instructions direct…if he drinks it at all, which is not usually).

4. Small Travel Mug

To be honest, we’ve only used this a handful of times, but when we’ve needed it we’ve *really* needed it! In our 8 oz. mug, hot water has stayed hot (or hot enough) for about two hours, and all but one time that’s been exactly what we’ve needed. We made bottles on a ferry boat in Portsmouth, on the tube, and several times in the car.

5. Two Diaper Changing Pads

This has been hugely helpful. At home, of course, we have the changing table and keep the changing pad in the diaper bag. Hotel rooms, unfortunately, don’t come equipped with changing tables, so instead we’ve been putting our second changing pad on our bed then folding and taking it off when we’re done. We don’t have to remember to put it back in the diaper bag before we go anywhere, and Nolan knows what’s going down once we pull out the changing pad. Best thing: and extra pad takes up basically zero extra space!

What To Leave At Home

Real talk: this is going to be hard. Being away from the comfort and predictability of your own home can be daunting when you’re traveling with baby! It’s totally natural to want to be as prepared as possible for whatever comes your way, but your trip is going to be much better if you aren’t lugging about a bunch of things you don’t actually need or won’t even use. Here are our tips.

1. Toys

We brought way too many toys with us to England! The thing about kids is that, while they do like toys, they actually like everything and don’t really have any innate metric to determine whether a particular object is a “toy” or not. For example, Nolan’s favorite playthings here have been the closed toilet (which he likes to drum on), empty two-liter water bottles (which he likes to bop everything with, including mama and daddy), and empty food containers that we’ve washed out (great for keeping him occupied after he’s done eating but we aren’t yet, as well as for using as bath toys). He’s also a fan of curtains and shoes. Yes, he’s played with the toys we’ve brought, but he certainly doesn’t need the truckload that I insisted on packing! Bring a few easily portable favorites that fit in the diaper bag, and leave the rest at home.

2. Crib Sheets

Everybody says that if you’re going to be staying in a hotel with the hotel’s crib, bring your own baby sheets. Let’s be real here, if the hotel sheets are good enough for you, they’re good enough for your baby. The way they wash hotel sheets, they absolutely kill all of the nasties that get tied up in sheets (these people are experts), and who wants to unmake the crib every time you anticipate that housekeeping might pop in so that they don’t take your crib sheet out with all the other dirty laundry? Just don’t sweat it and leave that space in your suitcase for something useful.

3. Baby Monitor 

Unless you’re staying in an apartment, house, or a large hotel suite where the baby has his own space, you might as well leave this at home. We used it maybe three times, and we honestly really didn’t need it the times we used it.

What are your best packing for baby tips?


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