Weekend In a French Kitchen

Daniel Boulud & Mimi Thorisson

Guys. I’ve lost my mind.

Evidence: I’ve started a three-year project that I’m 25% in charge of.

Wait…I already did that when we bought our house. Except I’m 50% in charge of that.

Then…I did it again when we had a baby. Except that’s a 39372847923 year project that I’m 100% in charge of.

Huh. Turns out I’m not as crazy as I thought. Or am I? Never mind. That’s probably a question for a professional.

(Grammar note: Dangling prepositions. About twenty-three Diane Chambers lines just came to mind.)

ANYWAY. This is definitely going to be the most gastronomically satisfying project of the three, because, along with my mom and two of our lovely foodie friends, I’m going to be cooking through not one, but two French cookbooks. One recipe a week out of each until every single recipe has been cooked. Each weekend we’ll each be posting on our blogs about the dishes that were assigned for that week, so tune in here to see the goodies going down at our house.

More than that though, we’re looking for other home cooks to join us! You know you want to. Because French food is best food. We’re going through Daniel Boulud & Dorie Greenspan’s Cafe Boulud Cookbook and Mimi Thorisson’s A Kitchen In France: A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse (please explain to me what about that doesn’t sound utterly idyllic and enviable). These are gorgeous cookbooks that thoroughly celebrate seasonal ingredients, the joy of cooking, and French tradition. I’m coming up with the recipe schedule, so I’ve been up to my elbows in these books and I can confidently say that there’s something for everyone!

Head over to our site, check it out (then FAQs page is super helpful), then click the “join” tab to cook along with us.

This is going to be seriously delicious. You should come along.

While you’re at it, go check out the other ladies blogs too! They’re the Three French Hens and I’m their Chickadee  🙂

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Also, we’re having a giveaway! Enter to win one of three sets of BOTH cookbooks! That’s huge guys. Huge. I’m still working on getting that part linked to my blog, so be sure to enter it over at Alice, Christy, or Tammy’s blogs!

Note: The photo at the top is of the authors Daniel Boulud and Mimi Thorisson. Not our two foodie friends. If M. Boulud and Mdm. Thorisson were my foodie friends, I think I’d just lose it and die.


31 thoughts on “Weekend In a French Kitchen

  1. HeheHe…..we are going to have so much fun to gether! (as evidenced by the fact that you could think of 23 Diane Chambers lines) Sous claims I lost my mind along time ago, I call it being overly interested in life and overcommitting to my whims. Either way I’m in good company with the Three French Hens and our Chickadee!!!!!!!!!!!!!(those were intentional:)

    • Yay!! I’m so glad! If you *want* to catch up, we intentionally picked simple and fairly quick recipes for the first month, so that’d hopefully be easy to do!

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