Daniel’s Skate With Brown Butter and Capers

Mom and I made this recipe together and we took some minor liberty with it. Mostly with the main component of the dish. As in, we didn’t use it. You know, that stuff is kinda pricy! And Mom had eaten skate before and it wasn’t to her taste, so we went ahead and used Ling Cod instead. Really a delicious choice. If you’re not using skate, I can definitely recommend cod as an alternative.

This dish is incredibly simple to make. Poached fish and a sauce of three ingredients…great tasting, deeply nourishing food doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming, or in any way unattainable! The sauce would also be great over grilled veggies, scallops, chicken…a spoon…

IMG_9408-P IMG_9409-P


6 thoughts on “Daniel’s Skate With Brown Butter and Capers

  1. It looks just wonderful. I had hoped to sub cod as well but the cod did not look that great at the market so I did halibut instead because it did look great. 🙂 Nice for me to see what the cod would look like, so thanks for sharing that.

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