Mimi’s Tomato Salad with Shallots and Parsley


Guys…completely without the use of hyperbole…I’ve made this salad six times in the past month. And since it takes like no ingredients, that’s easy to do.

I will use this opportunity to plug Mimi’s cookbook because 1) it’s gorgeous, and 2) some of the recipes are really simple, so 3) that results in a willingness to try the other, slightly more terrifying recipes.

This is a #2 kind of a recipe.

I will also use this opportunity to explain something I’m coming to learn about cooking in France versus cooking in America. Things are smaller in France. Things like shallots and bunches of parsley. They have to be, because ain’t nobody gonna put a whole American-sized bunch of parsley on six tomatoes. That would just be a poor life choice.

A note on French cooking: the French love their flavor, but they like it to be deep…and subtle…at the same time (a thing…?). Basically the ingredients are meant to invite you to comfortably enjoy every bite, rather than slap you in the face and knock you on your butt (Thai food, I’m looking at you). So in the effort towards that kind of sophistication, if you will, when making this recipe PLEASE RINSE THE DAMN SHALLOTS. (Can you tell we had a negative experience one time?) And maybe cut the number you use by a smidge, because see paragraph above.

Those notes taken, you should make this salad all the time everyday forever and ever amen, because it’s summer and the tomatoes are yummy, and other than that it seriously takes like two ingredients. Do yourself a favor and become an addict.


7 thoughts on “Mimi’s Tomato Salad with Shallots and Parsley

  1. So … admittedly, I’m also an addict. Of this salad, of your writing, of simple recipes that applaud the season’s crop. I’m so glad to be doing this project with you, Chickadee!

  2. Lol on the parsley and shallots. Sometimes you just have to use your common sense with it all…and realize that things in France are different. Including cooking/baking times because they try to convert to American Fahrenheit but not always successful. 🙂 Your photo is really pretty.

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