Daniel’s Chilled Spring Pea Soup

I’m gonna be honest: I was nervous about this one. First of all, I’ve never had a great relationship with chilled soups. I’m just kinda wary of them…like…blonde Asians. Absolutely nothing wrong with it in actuality, just not really sure how all of that works, mostly out of ignorance and a lack of familiarity.

Secondly, peas. Not my favorite. I don’t actively dislike them (anymore), but just like with anything you’ve bristled against in the past and are in the process of making peas with (hardy har har…you can laugh at that, but only if you’ve been drinking already today, or are the sleep-deprived stay-at-home parent of a small child or four. If you laughed at that under any other circumstances, slap yourself right now.), there’s still a distrust there. Like, say, a bad ex-boyfriend you’ve moved on from but now have to be nice to at a mutual friend’s wedding. That’s where peas and I are at right now.


Leeks can redeem just about anything though. Wasted time, a terrible movie ending, an utterly squandered life…just add leeks, everything will be okay.



As always, we followed the recipe as closely as possible. For the peas we used half sugar snap peas and half snow peas, because nothing else was available…but who’s complaining about that, really? Mom brought her Vitamix down to my place just to make this soup and I’m so glad she did. If we’d used my blender it would have been pea skins for daaaaaayyyyyyssss.


Yes, that’s me. Yes, that’s my kitchen. Yes, I have a personal cooking photographer. Obvi.

Honestly, the soup turned out beautifully.


Look at that! It’s gorgeous! Tell me that’s not gorgeous.

I was really impressed with the taste also. The garlic cream bumped it up a notch, for sure, and how can you go wrong with anything plus bacon?

So I guess the mutual friend’s wedding was a success…this time around.


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