Mimi’s Langoustines with Armagnac

Okay, so this one was an adventure. Post-recipe-endeavor research tells me that a langoustine is basically a mini lobster. Which, just to be clear, is not the same as a prawn. However, since langoustines aren’t terribly common on my continent, Mom and I went with the in-cookbook suggestion to use head-on jumbo prawns instead. Also, it sounded a smidge cheaper.


Following the recipe as closely as we could, per-usual, led us to attempt to cut the prawns in half lengthwise. Like so.


My friends, this was a messy and near-impossible endeavor…a conclusion we came to after attempting to cut a single prawn. “We’ll…we’ll just cook them as they are…yeah, we know what we’re doing!” we determined.


We also tried to pour the armagnac in the dish on the table and light it on fire to flambé. Yes. That didn’t work at all.


Also, when one cooks shrimp with the heads and shells on, one must understand that the heads and shells must come off at some point. For us, that point was at the dinner table. So there are no photos of that part because it was nasty, man. (Kyle: “Oh…what’s this black stuff? It is shrimp poop?” Fantastic dinner conversation.)

I will undoubtedly make this recipe again! Differently. Peeled and deveined shrimp, flambed on the stove.



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