Daniel’s Mango, Kiwi, and Coconut Custard Tart

We definitely expected something different out of this recipe before we made it, but I really liked how it turned out. It was a big hit with all four of us, between us and my parents


Perk: this recipe can be made in stages. The custard can be made the day before it’s baked, the crust can be made early in the day, and it has to come to room temperature before being served (do not skip this step…it’s a custard tart, it will not do well at anything higher than room temperature. Also good news for those of us who live in places where society as a whole has something against air conditioning, so we have to do all of our cooking/baking before 11am in an effort to not contribute heat to the unbearable furnaces we call homes), so it can easily be made in snippets of time over the two days before your dinner or party. Or dinner party, if you so fance-ay.


On the wine pairing: we had a big fancy dinner where we made three Daniel recipes and had the wines that were recommended with them (or as close as we could find). This dessert is recommended with a Canadian Riesling ice wine, which is a really special wine made late in the season when the grapes actually freeze on the vine. The sugars and other solids are highly concentrated, resulting in an extremely sweet dessert wine. Because of the special production circumstances required to make ice wine, they are usually made in rather small batches and are pretty expensive. (Bet you didn’t think you’d actually learn something on this blog, did you?) We did not have our tart with an ice wine, but we did have it with a Riesling. The ice wine would have made a gi-freaking-normous difference! I’d definitely suggest having it with the sweetest Riesling you can find/afford, or another dessert wine. Port even would have been a good choice, I think. The tart, dry Riesling we had didn’t work out very well.



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