Mimi’s Almond Gazpacho

My Weekend In a French Kitchen cooking group has been hard at work posting all of August’s recipes, while I’ve been hard at work getting my little events business off the ground. Thankfully I had my first event yesterday and it went quite well! After being on my feet for over twelve hours, I’m happy to take some time sitting firmly on my behind typing up blog posts today  🙂


I didn’t have the pleasure of making this Almond Gazpacho myself (as mentioned before, my mom and I frequently divvy up cooking duties when we’re making these recipes together. As much as we’d love to actively cook each recipe in the same place at the same time, LIFE.) my mom did a fantastic job and had everything just perfectly ready for me to taste when we got to her house for our special Sunday dinner.

Yes, it kinda looks like cat food.

You’re right…it kinda looks like cat food.


I find the ingredient combination for this recipe SO interesting. As in, my brain doesn’t know what to do with it, and my taste buds were equally unsure. Bread, grapes, cucumber, almonds, etc…I mean what?


Of course it is gazpacho so it’s served cold. There was some sweetness from the grapes, which is probably what threw me the most, but I’ve got to tell you…that fried garlic and olive oil on top? It MADE THIS DISH. That was incredible.

As curious as I was about the ingredient combination, I think it all came together really nicely. And look how pretty!


{Weekend In a French Kitchen is an online cooking group committed to expanding our skills and understanding of French cuisine by cooking through French and French-inspired cookbooks. Come along and cook with us!}


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