2016: Homemade/No Waste

Being pregnant the second time around has opened my eyes to how much I’ve learned in the past couple of years about renovations, health and wellness, cooking, and you know, life. I’m only 25, so I guess I should be aware of how much I have to learn and that two years is a decent chunk of my life.

Something that’s been on my mind as a matter of curiosity has been where our food specifically comes from and how we can be as aware as possible of that. Learning some of that is obvious, like with produce. Last year we were part of a six-month long local produce CSA that only offers things grown within a two-hour drive of our home, and it was so wonderful! We ate a bunch of stuff we otherwise wouldn’t have, and it was delicious. We’ll be part of the vegetable CSA again this year, but were kinda overloaded with fruit so we’ll wait on that part until the kids are big enough to help out more on the eating front.

But what about other things? We cook from scratch a LOT at our house, but what about the little convenience things I buy for us? I’m curious. So I’m going to take as many of those convenience foods I buy and find out how to make them at home, and in the process I hope to learn more about where my raw ingredients come from. At the same time, I hope to learn how much of the food waste I make can be turned into something else, and turn my kitchen into a waste-as-little-as-possible zone.

If you’ve visited my blog more than once, you know I’m a terrible blogger. So inconsistent. I’m awful. But as a rough goal, I’d like to figure out something new once a week, so I’ll likely be posting on this topic about that frequently (mostly as a way to keep track of it myself in the future), at least until the baby comes in May. Or until we move. Or until something else comes in between me and the blog. Which will probably come next Tuesday or something, and likely in the form of an overflowing laundry basket. But until then, I’ll document what I’m learning on here each Wednesday. Wish me luck, and thanks for following!


2 thoughts on “2016: Homemade/No Waste

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