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Due to some weird (read: super annoying) communication things that happened with a contractor who was installing our kitchen, we landed this odd space between the top of the range and the bottom of the microwave.


The perk is that it’s now a great place to hang some art! It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted there, but one day it struck me that I want our home to be a place where we carry on the legacies that have been left for us and where we establish our own legacy to pass on to our kids. One of the legacies we’ve inherited is from my mom’s grandma, Mama Trudy. She was a wonderful, peaceful, loving, joyful woman, and just a blessing to be around. I needed some MT in my kitchen.


When Mama Trudy passed away in 2012, my mom took a bunch of her recipes home. I asked Mom if I could look through them and pick out a couple. We photocopied them so as to not mess up the originals, and I picked up some frames to spray paint at Goodwill. The mats were leftover from another project for which I’d bought new frames, so it was nice to have a chance to use a couple of them.

I used double stick tape squares to get the recipes to stick to the fabric, which was a remnant square I had laying around from the local fabric store.


Then, being Goodwill frames, came the trick of hanging them. They didn’t have picture claws in the back, and weren’t terribly receptive to them when I tried to give them some. Not only that, but the teensy tiny little strip of wall I had to hang them on, above the tile and below the microwave, wouldn’t hold them well.

Bingo! Command strips! Right? Wrong. Let’s remember that this is above my stove. Where there is heat. And grease. And stuff. Frequently. Command strips lasted about an hour, then Kyle had to dig out the frames from behind the stove…

This is where I landed:


And even this wasn’t working out great for the longest time because one of the frames took to it really nicely and the other was like, “Oh honey, noooooooo.” For months. During which time I had one frame hanging above my stove. One. Just the one. The other floated about on the counter the whole time. *eyeroll*

Now that it’s done, doesn’t it look lovely? I’m so glad to have a bit of Mama Trudy in my kitchen  🙂


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