Homemade | Pancake Mix

Last year I was tired of Kyle getting up and running off to work on the house before we’d even gotten a chance to see him after the long week, so I instituted a new family tradition: Saturday Morning Breakfasts. But we’re not morning people…how in the world was I going to pull myself out of bed and make breakfast every Saturday morning?

Insert: stubbornness and pancakes. Everyone loves pancakes. Pancakes are enticing. Pancakes are yummy. Pancakes know no age, like eggs benedict or some such goodness. Pancakes are a crowd-pleaser. Pancakes are easy to double in case of company. Pancakes are available at breakfast joints if we’re ever out of town and want to keep up the tradition. Pancakes are easily portable and can be made over a campfire if needed. Pancakes can be customized/altered to fit the season. Pancakes!

Pancakes also require measuring and mixing, probably pre-tea.

Insert: pancake mix.

Now, just as a note this is not my modus operandi. My mom is Tammy Circeo. I don’t buy/use mixes. But there was a gluten-free mix that came highly recommended, and then I just started trying different [read: cheaper] ones. We settled on one that we like best, and that was that, despite the twinge of shame I felt as I pulled it out each week.

Then my Homemade experiment started. One of the most obvious offenders is my pancake mix. How was I going to replace it? Gluten-free baking is hard, man!

After my first forays into gluten-free baking when I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy/gluten sensitivity at age eighteen, I’ve been gun shy. After nine months of not baking at all (which was a bfd for me), I got up the courage to try. Try I did, I tried and tried. I was optimistic and full of hope, things were tasting better and better to me as I went along, but the reviews from others were not quite as enthusiastic or hopeful as mine. The texture was different and foreign, the taste was off and didn’t make anybody want seconds, and I grew discouraged until finding that I could tolerate spelt flour quite well as long as I didn’t eat my weight in baked goods everyday (which, let’s be honest, is probably not advisable anyway). Spelt is a low-gluten grain, but for my day-to-day, it was a perfect solution. Those early days in my mom’s kitchen did not go well.

Fast forward seven years, and more recently I’ve been trying to cut down on my gluten intake (similarly to how I’ve cut down on dairy) for health reasons. Gotta get my body healed up! Truth be told, it’s less that I’ve been trying to cut down on gluten and more just hoping that it’d magically disappear from my kitchen and my life with little to no effort from me. Which is not really a thing. So I grew my courage again and have looked for some better recipes than were available in the beginning of my GF experimenting days.

Insert: Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free. I’ve had this book for quite a while now (had picked it up years ago in a moment of severe weakness, desperately enticed by the looks-good-enough-to-eat cover), but hadn’t tried anything from it until last Christmas when I decided that I needed to take gluten-free cookies to a party (Why? Why do I do these things?). Both varieties I made were a hit!

Then it was on to the biscuits. If I couldn’t make a decent gluten-free biscuit, life was going to be much much more difficult and discouraging in general. But when I made them, my husband didn’t even know they were gluten-free. Boom…aced biscuits.

Then the pancakes. Guys. She calls them Sunday Morning Pancakes in the book, and she’s Texan, so she knows that giving something a name like that has meaning. It’s not taken lightly. These pancakes aren’t supposed to be just any old pancakes, they are SUNDAY MORNING PANCAKES. The girl means business.

We had doubts. We were skeptical. Anything with almond anything makes me wonder.

One bite and all doubts flew away. These things were really really good. All it took was one gluten-free recipe and we could change how we did Saturday mornings.

Now that I’ve got it all built up, I’ve got to say that out of respect for the author, I’m not going to post the recipe. I know I know, I’m so sorry. But writing a cookbook is hard, and it just wouldn’t be okay for me to put a recipe out there that she hasn’t yet. So go buy the cookbook. It’s worth it for the pancakes and the biscuits alone!

Usually I have a price breakdown on here for y’all, to prove to/remind myself later of how much I’m saving by putting in just a little extra work and time. This time I have less of that, but I can say that for fifteen extra minutes a month, knowing that we’re not eating powdered milk is nice.

Here’s my set up.


I will say, I alter her recipe just a smidge by doubling the baking powder. Kyle grew up with pancakes quite literally made from a muffin recipe, so he likes them fluffy. He actually would prefer if each one would look more like a top hat, but I tell him that if he wants muffins I’ll make him muffins. These are pancakes.


Saturday mornings all I have to do is toss the mix in a bowl with two eggs, a cup of buttermilk, and two tablespoons of melted butter. “Mix mix mix,” Nolan says  🙂


Et voila. Petit déjeuner pour trois.


Thanks for reading this novel of a post. Congratulations for making it to the bottom! Do you have a great gluten-free pancake recipe? Or maybe it’s not gluten-free but it’s killer? Do share!


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