No Waste | Almond Pulp

So now you’ve tried making your own almond milk, you got your almonds at Costco or Trader Joe’s so your price breaks about even with the store-bought brands, and your LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED.

But you’re making an awful lot of waste with that almond pulp that’s left over because you’re not into drinking something that feels like tasteless dirt in your mouth. That’s fair, really it is. But in this Homemade/No Waste experiment, we’re not throwing stuff out until it’s worthless and has zero other uses, right?

Here, dear friends, you have a surprising number of options, and they’re all super duper health conscious and crunchy. You do have to make a series of decisions though…so if you’re no good with that, gear yourself up. Here we go.

OPTION 1: Use the “wet” almond pulp right after making almond milk, or store in an airtight container for up to three days until you’re ready to use it. After three days, it’ll store well in the freezer for up to three months.

Uses: 1) Use in smoothies the same way you would use almond or peanut butter for protein.
IMG_5484 (1)

2) Add into oatmeal or yogurt, the same way you might use ground flax or chia seeds, for some added fat and protein.

3) Make these crackers. I added more salt (partly because I have an addiction), and caution you to either not roll them too thinly or to keep a close eye on them during that second toasting so they don’t get that slightly burnt flavor that’s all-too-easy to bake into them. They do have a dry texture, so try them alongside some cheese or soup.

4) Make almond pulp hummus to eat with your crackers  🙂

5) Make these brownies.

6) Make these macaroons.

These are just the ones I’ve tried. Google has many more ideas!

OPTION 2: Set your oven to 200, spread the almond pulp onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, and toast, tossing occasionally, for about three hours or until dry. Cool completely. If clumpy or otherwise deemed necessary, pulse in food processor until…not clumpy.

Uses: Anything you’d use almond meal or flour for, because that’s what you just made! (If you typically purchase ready-made almond meal or flour, this counts as a Homemade concept as well.)
1) Sub for ¼ to ½ the wheat flour in baked goods recipes.
2) Mix with cold butter and some brown sugar, sprinkle over fresh fruit, and bake at 375 for about 30 minutes or until bubbly. Yummy fruit crisp!
3) Make THESE biscuits.

Any great uses for almond pulp in your kitchen? Do share!


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