Homemade | Chicken Broth / No Waste | Veg Scraps

Chicken broth is a staple. I use it at least four times a week for different recipes, and I’m shamelessly guilty of drinking a mug of it for lunch from time to time. But at somewhere between $1.99 and $2.99/quart, that can add up.

This is a fantastic way to cut down on waste and get as much for your money as you can. Pretty much all I use in our broth is scraps: a picked-clean chicken carcass, vegetable ends/peels/pieces that I’ve collected while cooking through the week, and some seasonings.

With the growing popularity of bone broth, there are plenty of recipes and differing instructions out there. One thing you should know: you can’t really mess this up. Add whatever spices/flavorings you want or have on hand. Cook it for six hours or two days. As long as you actually get some bones in there and turn on the pot, the rest of the process is incredibly forgiving.

Having a cache of fresh chicken broth that I can dip into throughout the week is so nice! The numerous health benefits, the awesome taste, and the free price tag make it a no-brainer for us.

Do you make bone broth? What’s your favourite spice combination to add? Do you add salt? Share below!


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