My Morning Routine

Since this blog is a totally selfish endeavour of documentation for me to look back on later, here’s my morning routine. I’ll be completely upfront: this isn’t really “5 simple steps to turn you into a morning person.” I’m not a morning person, and I don’t think I ever will be, but over time my personal priorities have changed. Mostly from, “Sleep. At all costs,” to something more like, “Please…pleasepleaseplease can I have just FIVE DAMN MINUTES TO MYSELF?”

My weekday morning routine is really just a wonderfully productive 20-minute walk from my bed to my dining room.
I start in the bedroom. I’m already there and I’m unlikely to go back, so I just plug away at stuff right away.

  • Make the bed. Mostly so I can’t get back into it as easily. And because if I’ve just gotten out of it, it’s right there. And once it’s done, it’s like I’ve jumped a hurdle. I’ve accomplished something, and everything else seems easier.
  • Change into workout clothes. Because it preps me to work out, which removes an obstacle to actually following through on that. And if it doesn’t happen that day, at least I’m not still in my pajamas.
  • Gather the laundry. Because the floor grows it overnight. All on it’s own. Constantly.
  • Grab my water bottle. Because if I don’t make it an intentional part of the routine, I’ll probably forget.

Then I head to the bathroom (see what I did there? No? Forget it…):

  • Put laundry in the bin. Works out well because suddenly the laundry that’s grown on the bedroom floor and the laundry that’s grown on the bathroom floor is all in the same place, so it can all make its way into the bin at the same time.
  • Clean up after Hubby. Because, like I said, the bathroom floor has grown laundry since I was last there. And because I keep low expectations for him, since he has bigger things to worry about than whether or not absolutely everything makes its way back into the cabinets and drawers.
  • Personal hygiene. Minor, because it’s usually like 6:17am and zero percent of me cares about being fancy at 6:17am.
  • Put bath toys away, if needed. We usually let them dry out on the counter overnight after a bath, so on the mornings after bath nights I just tuck them in their basket.
  • Replace tea lights. Candles are nice, and we often won’t even use lights in the bathroom at night when the candles are lit. So that saves electricity! Or something…
  • Wipe the sink. Remember my goals and how being ready for company is one of them? We have one bathroom in our bitty house, shared between two adults and a toddler, and it’s just not always clean. This is one way I keep it looking clean. So if a friend wants to come over for a playdate, I can panic a little less than I would otherwise.
  • Spritz room spray. Because it smells nice, I like nice things, and it takes no time.

And on to the kitchen:

  • Kettle on, mug out, tea at the ready. I’m pretty sure I basically do this while I’m still half-asleep.
  • Replace tea lights. So I can light them later that evening. Again, just because it’s nice  🙂  And takes very little time, since I keep a stash of tea lights in the kitchen.
  • Replace water in flowers, and water herbs as needed. I usually get flowers when I go grocery shopping. It’s an inexpensive way to make me feel special and give me a shot of joy during the day. Different flowers have different needs/preferences/thriving conditions, but they all need clean water, so I change it regularly. Also herbs. Because herbs. They get watered roughly once a week. Ish.
  • Fill and run oil diffuser. I’m already by the sink, so might as well get water for the diffuser. In the mornings, I like sweet orange oil. I can honestly feel a difference in my mood and my brain cognisance when I run this oil. So, obviously, it’s made of magic.
  • Put clean, dry dishes away. Anything left from the night before, and empty the dishwasher if needed, because this makes my life WAY EASIER than trying to do it with Nolan “helping.”
  • Clean up after Hubby (lunch dishes away, clean coffee pot). Again, I have very low expectations for him. And he’s not going to clean the coffee pot before he leaves for work, that’s just silly. And if I don’t do it right away, it absolutely will sit there all day long till I do it–no joke–rightbeforebed. I know this because it has happened probably hundreds of times.
  • As I’m getting the milk for my tea, I pull a sandwich out of the freezer for Kyle for the following morning and tuck it into the fridge. We’ve found that they thaw out best this way, so he doesn’t end up with a toasty english muffin ensconcing a frozen egg.
  • Open curtains. In the winter it’s nice to watch the sunrise, and in the summer it’s nice to have curtains open for the mornings, before it’s too ridiculously hot and we need them to keep the heat out.

And finally, my reward for roughly twenty minutes of very mindful work. Because yes, I just got all of that done in twenty-ish minutes. My time, with my tea:

  • Vitamins. Because it will not happen until bedtime otherwise. Also because I have magic prenatal multivitamins that I can take on an empty stomach.
  • French practice (Duolingo). This takes five minutes or less, unless I choose to do more. And it’s fun. And it kinda wakes me up. And I’m becoming a more well-rounded person during those five minutes, so it feels awesome.
  • Bible reading. If I’m working through a study book, I use that for this time. If I’m not, I use a timer set for five or ten minutes. Because it needs to be done, but sometimes it’s hard! If the timer goes off and I’m in the middle of something, I’ll totally read more. Not a slave to the timer.
  • News (theSkimm). I love this daily email I get. So cleverly put, and it quickly fills me in on the basics of what’s going on in the world.
  • Workout. I looooooove Barre3. Their online subscription workouts are perfect for me. Right now I’m trying to get in a better habit of doing it super regularly, so I’m trying to do it everyday, but only for ten minutes (because they’re awesome and understand real life and have ten-minute workout videos). But if I can start by a particular time, I’ll do a thirty minute video.

By that time, Nolan usually wakes up. His wake up routine is short (change diaper, turn off fan and humidifier, open curtains), and we snuggle and sometimes watch a show while he wakes up because it’s a process, man. We have breakfast at the same time every morning, then play and get some housework done. Sometimes he’s allowed to watch another show or two if he’s particularly cranky or if I have to buzz about to get other things done. We’re usually ready to go by 9 or 9:30, so we can get errands done or just get on with our day.

What does your morning routine look like? Anything I’m leaving off here? I’d love your input!


One thought on “My Morning Routine

  1. Your words are powerful. Please don’t damn any part of your life. Not even five minutes of it.Love,Aunt LaVon

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