Homemade | Freezer Waffles

We’re not much of a prepped foods family, but one thing I’ve picked up from time to time is gluten-free freezer waffles. As time marched on, Nolan developed an addiction. Honestly, who can blame the kid? Those things are awesome. Quick, convenient, carby and sweet with that maple syrup goodness on top…nom nom nom. But when the experiment started I knew they had to go. Besides, even when they’re on sale, they’re $2.50 per box! After finding the pancake recipe I was bolstered into trying it in the waffle iron.

After the pancake post, this is probably pretty straightforward. I use either the same recipe as I use for pancakes or this recipe, make a big ol batch, wait for them to cool, wrap them with parchment in between, and pop them in the freezer to wait for when we need them/want them/must have them right this minute.

Now, a couple notes about either of those versions:
1) I don’t have a hardcore blender like the one recommended for the Live Simply waffle recipe and nearly burnt out my blender the first time I tried to make the entire recipe in mine. So until I can save up enough to get myself something bigger and better, I blend the oats and milk and stuff really well, leave it to soak, and later combine the other ingredients in a large bowl then whisk in the mixture from the blender. Just mash the banana really well and this works out just fine.
2) GREASE YOUR WAFFLE IRON! Super well! I use softened butter spread on the iron with a silicone basting brush. Easy to use, easy to clean up, and totally effective.
3) Things turn out better if you cook the waffles for more time rather than less.
4) They do not turn out crispy at first, and don’t crisp up quite as much as store-bought versions when toasted, at least in our experience.
5) If you don’t wrap them with parchment/something else in between, they WILL stick together and be an absolute bear to pull apart. Just trust me, you don’t want to travel that road. I did it for you. Accept that gift.


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