10 Pinterest Ideas That Worked In My Kitchen

We’ve all seen the pins.

“65 Genius Hacks To Organise Your Kitchen”

“27 Kitchen Ideas To Try RIGHT NOW”

“Here Are 172 Professionally Designed, Perfectly Organized Kitchens That People Don’t Actually Live In, But We’ll Show You Photos For The Purpose Of Making You Feel Inadequate”

Oh, I know you know. I KNOW you know.

The ideas I’ve listed here are things I’ve actually tried in my own kitchen, and they actually work for me. The ideas themselves may or may not have initially come from Pinterest into my life (I do have a brain of my own, believe it or not), but I’ve seen them all on there.

1. Hang pot lids

This idea definitely came from Pinterest. I currently have 25 command hooks hanging in my kitchen. Twenty five. Partly because I’m an addict, sure. Partly because I find them in the clearance bin at Home Depot for 70% off. And partly because they just work. Using them to hang my pot lids on the back of our pantry door was a real win for me, since our lids don’t stack nicely in our pots or make for easy storage otherwise.
I will say, hanging stuff on the backs of cabinet doors really only works if 1) the stuff is basically flat and/or fits in between the heights of your shelves, or 2) you have cabinet shelves that don’t fill the depth of your cabinet.

2. Paper file on the back of a cabinet door

I’ve seen this used to hold cutting boards or baking pans or any number of other things, but we use this one to hold the pancake and waffle plates for our griddler. They’re large and odd to store, and we use them each at least once a week, so access needs to be easy. I just hung the file with command hooks, so I’d be careful of how much we put in them unless we were to secure it otherwise.



3. Magazine files on the back of a cabinet door


It took me a while to use these efficiently after putting them up, but now I have one for food storage and one for baking needs, so it holds my silicone baking mats as well (rolled up, secured with twist ties), and I love them.




4. Shelf stackers
Guys, look at this…
I’m not joking when I say that this has literally doubled the storage in this cabinet. Please ignore the unfinished trim work…it’s uh…a work in progress. I also find that we don’t have enough shelf space in our upper cabinets and we really could use another shelf in each of them, save maybe one. So I’ve popped this shelf in one of them to double our food storage space.

5. Vertical organiser for baking pans

I was a little skeptical of this one, but tired of my pans falling over themselves on the shelf. Because of the extra space between the pans, I’m not convinced that this gives me more cabinet real estate to work with, but to me it’s worth it for the ease of getting out exactly the pan I need so easily.




6. Turntables in cabinets

These are helpful particularly in the corner cabinet I have. We use them to simply make things easier to access, and they’re great for condiments and vinegars.



7. Turntables in the fridge

This is one thing that actually takes away from storage for us, so we’ve recently done away with it but we had a turntable in our fridge for a good long time. It made accessing condiments and other frequently used items really quick and easy.




8. Fridge and freezer organizer bins
IMG_5750I love having these, especially on our cavernous lowest shelf. When one is empty or we need more shelf space, I just stack them together. And we can change the labels as frequently as we need to. We pretty consistently have ones for meat, dairy, and things to use this week. This method also extends to the freezer, where I think they could work better if they were a different size, but it’s what we’ve got right now. In the freezer we keep bins for veggies, fruit, meat, and lunches, along with our ice bin.

9. Towel rod on the end of a cabinet

To be honest, when I came up with this idea (all on my own, thank you very much) I didn’t factor in that I’d soon have a walker/destroyer-of-all-things-tidy. So we do find it annoying that the towels are so accessible to Nolan and that he takes full advantage of that at times, but if I could go back I don’t think I’d change this because we find it so valuable to have somewhere predictable for our towels. They’d be all over the counters if we didn’t!


10. Magnetic knife rack

We oriented ours differently than is traditional, but having this rack freed up space in my one truly usable kitchen drawer, keeps my knives in better shape than being all jumbled together in their drawer organizer, and ensures they’re just a quick grab away when I need them. It’s also keeping the knives out of Nolan’s reach as he gets taller and has begun to reach into our kitchen drawers…PERK.




Any Pinterest ideas that have worked in your kitchen? Let me know below!


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