My Afternoon Routine

After I’ve set myself up well for the day with my morning routine, there are still little maintenance things to do. Around the same time every afternoon/evening, I fit dinner prep and this afternoon maintenance routine together and make life a little easier  🙂

  • Mama tea: I have a little cup of herbal tea in the afternoons, partly just to signal to my body that we’re getting ready to wind down, and because I like to know I’m getting the benefits of the herbs. It steeps while I’m doing the rest of the routine.
  • Grind coffee for the morning: We have a small house and a loud coffee grinder, so I go ahead and grind beans for Kyle each night so he can use them the next morning. It’s also easier (and significantly quieter) for him to just dump grounds into the coffee pot from a little jar than it is for him to shake them into the pot from the grinder.
  • Fill kettle: To make the mornings easier for both Kyle and me. Push one button and be seconds away from caffeinated bliss? Yes please.
  • Light candles: It’s just nice! And it takes so little time to actually do this.
  • Close curtains: Because I don’t like the idea of living in a fish bowl.
  • Fluff pillows: Because company, and it looks nice.
  • Pull out clothes for the following day: This goes for everyone in the family, save my husband who is a grown man and can dress himself. Right now that means me and Nolan, and pretty soon it’ll be Baby Girl too. I get out my workout clothes for first thing in the morning, as well as regular clothes to wear when I actually get dressed. Each of the kids has a basket on the changing table that is intended to hold clothes for the next day. This little prep act saves so much time, hassle, and headache in the mornings. We’re more likely to actually be dressed during the day, and on weekends or days when Daddy is home, he knows just what to put on our boy and doesn’t have to guess.
  • *Bonus: When I’m pulling out Nolan’s clothes for the next day, I also get out his pyjamas and overnight diaper for that night. So easy to just have them waiting for us on the changing table whenever we need them.

Morning routines are pretty common, but do you have one for the afternoon, also? Share below!


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