Dressing Up | Oatmeal

There’s little that can be as filling as oatmeal for breakfast. It’s full of good carbs and, when cooked well and mixed with the right things, it’s downright COZY. It’s also a milk-booster for nursing moms, so sign me up! However, the same thing over and over for breakfast can get boring, and for me to eat breakfast, it basically has to be ready to eat when I get up with little or nothing more to do than pop it in the microwave. So my stipulation in searching out these options were that they 1) had to be make-ahead-able or require extremely little effort and 2) had to really vary in flavor so I don’t get sick of this nutritious goodness. Here are some great ideas for dressing up your morning bowl.


  • maple syrup, pecans, bananas (super easy if you just keep chopped pecans on hand–I’m actually SUPER lazy and pull out as many pecans as I need the night before–and slice the banana in the morning)
  • diced apples, cinnamon, and walnuts
  • blueberries and brown sugar (totally works with any frozen berries too, especially if you’re already heating up the oatmeal again)
  • peaches and cream–add nutmeg and cinnamon to basically have peach pie for breakfast (I absolutely use frozen peaches for this)

Fun ideas:

  • mango and coconut (and cashews? Maybe?)
  • yogurt and orange marmalade
  • peanut butter and strawberry jam
  • banana and molasses
  • maple, brown sugar, sweet potato, and pecans
  • chocolate chips and raspberries
  • banana and nutella

Savory: Totally appropriate for lunch or a quick, solo dinner as well as breakfast. I had to give these names so that my sweet tooth and I are more likely to make them!

  • The Grits Treatment: cheddar cheese, scallions, and a sprinkle of paprika
  • Mexi-Oatmeal: avocado, salsa, and a fried egg
  • The Baked Potato: cheddar, fresh tomatoes, chives, and bacon
  • Oatmeal a la Provence: apples, rosemary, and gruyere


What are your best oatmeal hacks? Any favorites that aren’t on this list?


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