Organizing the Kitchen

Whenever I’ve moved, organizing my kitchen has been my most anticipated and most dreaded task. It always takes some tweaking to make sure it works, but here are some tried and true rules for organizing and setting up your kitchen, along with some notes that work for me.

  1. Keep like items together.
    No need to have different kinds of plates in different cabinets. Keep it simple and keep your sanity.
  2. Store stuff where it makes sense.
    Basics: dishes near the dining area, glasses near wherever you usually get most of your drinks (sink, fridge, wherever), mugs and coffee stuff near each other, cooking tools near the stove.


Things that work for me

  1. I love having all my stuff within arm’s reach when I’m cooking. This means using all the available space, mostly because my kitchen is small and I don’t have a lot of other options: magnetic knife rack on the side of the cabinet, crock with cooking utensils, towel rack on the side of the cabinet, and well-curated tools in a highly organised drawer (seriously…stuff only fits in there one way…). There are perks to having a small kitchen! I never have to move to get what I need.
  2. Use the outside of cabinets. Listen, I’m all about a clean, streamlined look, but that gets a little rough when the insides of your cabinets are running out of space!
  3. COMMAND HOOKS. I have like eighty of these around our house, and about two-thirds of them are in the kitchen. I use them mostly for hanging stuff on the backs of cabinet doors: pot lids in the pantry, potholders and strainers in the workhorse cabinet, a paper file in the pantry that holds the plates for our griddler, strips to hang magazine files that hold parchment/aluminum foil/wax paper. Lots. Of. Storage.
  4. Shelf stackers have gotten us a lot more storage in our cabinets!
  5. Hanging wire baskets are another great storage multiplier, although I find them a little more difficult to work with than the shelf stackers. That’s partly because there’s a definite weight limit to these guys. We use ours for plastic baggies and (currently) ice trays.
  6. Over-the-door baskets are great under our sink and keep things in arm’s reach but out of sight. Which I kinda love.
  7. I keep less frequently used items in clearly marked, see-through boxes in the top of my pantry. That makes it easy to get out what I need a couple times a week (canning stuff, or cookie cutters, or my stick blender), but don’t need readily accessibility to at all times.

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