We’re Kyle and Emma. Pretty much just like every other average young married couple, except that we have only enough common interests to count on one hand, a darling almost-two-year-old son and a precious daughter set to arrive this spring, a mostly-sorta-completed house renovation under our belts, and unrelenting dreams of owning a golden doodle. Emma does most of the writing here, so you’ll see a lot about the food we cook, the trips we take, and the general adventures of young parenthood. This is where we invite you into our little world to explore our home, the things that belong in it, and the tidbits in between. Welcome!

A couple notes before we begin:

  • Unless otherwise noted, all photos on here are taken by Emma with an iPhone. Feel free to be impressed or disgusted, whichever floats your boat. With two younguns to love on and a house to run, we don’t prioritize photo editing as we’d like. Sometimes Emma’s awesome photographer mom is around and able/willing to contribute some shots to our corner, so if anything remotely decent is on here, it likely has her genius behind it.
  • Most names you see on here are either middle names or nicknames, so we’re being intentional about not ruining our children’s privacy or putting our family in danger. We’ve thought about it. We’ve addressed it. We’re running with it. Thanks!

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