Renovation Checklist

All the things we need to do before we can buy our next house:

  • Remove nasty weather stripping from exterior doors
  • Remove door from living room to hallway
  • Remove door from living room to kitchen
  • Get living room floors refinished
  • Get bedroom floors refinished
  • Patch plaster walls
  • Caulk trim
  • Remove bathroom vanity
  • Remove kitchen cabinets
  • Remove kitchen and bathroom flooring and subfloor
  • Lay backer board in kitchen and bathroom
  • Tile kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Grout and seal kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Remove wire rack behind door and plastic wall hanging thing by back door of kitchen
  • Have archway to dining room narrowed
  • Have electrician expand kitchen wiring to include accommodation for dishwasher, disposal, move a couple of outlets and add a couple more, and can lights, and tell us why the laundry porch lights aren’t working
  • Have kitchen cabinets, sink, countertops, and backsplash installed
  • Install kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer pulls
  • Install kitchen faucet
  • Find fridge
  • Install fridge
  • Find stove
  • Install stove
  • Find dishwasher
  • Install dishwasher
  • Install new bathroom vanity and faucet
  • Clean bathroom fan
  • Tear grout out of bathroom shower tile
  • Grout shower with same grout as used on the floor
  • Clean existing “linen closet” cabinets
  • Test trim/door paint for lead
  • Patch paint gaps in trim and doors, or strip them down
  • Replace doorknobs and strikes on all doors
  • Replace hinges on doors as necessary
  • Paint walls
  • Paint trim
  • Paint doors
  • Replace dining room light
  • Replace kitchen light
  • Replace hall light
  • Replace bedroom lights
  • Replace bathroom vanity light
  • Replace laundry porch light
  • Reframe/refit laundry porch windows so they fit again
  • Remove existing cabinet above washer
  • Remove old medicine cabinet
  • Fit old kitchen cabinets with brackets and hang as shelves above washer/dryer
  • Repair/seal in walls of laundry porch
  • Paint laundry porch
  • Replace laundry porch flooring
  • Replace door from backyard to laundry porch
  • Extend dryer venting from bottom of porch to the great outdoors
  • Vacuum out and wipe down closets
  • Make/replace screens in windows as needed
  • Hang curtain rods and sheers at least (for privacy)
  • Have gas line run to house
  • Have gas meter installed
  • Install new furnace
  • Install new water heater
  • Remove chimney bricks from above roofline
  • Patch roof around absent chimney
  • Decommission oil tank in backyard
  • Replace shingles on laundry porch
  • Trim rhody bushes away from house, per insurance requirements
  • Trim rhody bushes away from left driveway so we can use it!
  • Raise porches to not be sloping away from house anymore
  • Add balustrades to porches for safety
  • Decide on new exterior colors for house, trim, and porches/steps
  • Repair/replace siding
  • Paint siding
  • Paint trim
  • Paint porches
  • Build a shed in the backyard
  • Weed backyard gravel footpath
  • Weed front yard flower beds
  • Rebuild brick walls in yards
  • Clean everything…and..
  • MOVE IN!!

Basement unit:

  • Paint walls
  • Paint trim
  • Caulk door trims
  • Add floor trim pieces
  • Clean wall heaters
  • Clean windows and frames
  • Clean can lights
  • Hang blinds throughout, and shorten their lengths
  • Add door stops throughout
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Replace necessary light/outlet plates
  • Clean bathroom fan
  • Pull out caulk around tub
  • Caulk tub
  • Caulk toilet
  • Make trim piece for toilet ledge
  • Paint trim piece for toilet ledge
  • Attach trim piece for toilet ledge
  • Caulk around trim piece for toilet ledge
  • Clean kitchen cabinets
  • Pull out caulk behind kitchen sink
  • Caulk behind kitchen sink
  • Install backsplash in kitchen
  • Buy fridge
  • Replace handle on oven door
  • Replace lightbulbs in oven and fridge
  • Find washer and dryer to miraculously fit in laundry closet
  • Get washer and dryer refurbished
  • Pick up washer and dryer
  • Install washer and dryer
  • Add trim piece on step to laundry closet
  • Clean out laundry closet
  • Hang closet shelf in bedroom
  • Scrub entry door thoroughly. Probably like seventeen times. (not that it looks any better now…)
  • Frame in icky beam over basement entry
  • Paint exterior trim around door, including beam framing
  • Paint little door that opens to under the upstairs laundry porch
  • Paint “entry” area with new exterior color
  • Paint front door
  • Replace outdoor light
  • Post it!



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